Child sponsorship programme

Under its child sponsorship programme, FIDA currently directly or indirectly supports 600 children, of which

  • 231 children attend the Abbay Kindergarten in Kolfe-Keraniyo,
  • 62 attend the Menegasha-Kollobboo Kindergarten and
  • 307 children previously supported by FIDA at pre-school level benefit from continuing FIDA support at primary and secondary school (all figures as at August 2012).


This total compares with a target for 2011/12 determined in September 2011 of 465 children.


The child sponsorship programme is operated with the authorisation and technical support of Addis Ababa City Government Women & Children’s Affairs Bureau, Addis Ababa City Government Finance and Economic Development Bureau and Oromiya Special Zone Wolmera District Education Office.


The eligibility of children for child sponsorship support is based on a needs assessment undertaken by FIDA and the Women and Children’s Affairs Office of the local administration.


The assessment process comprises a series of interviews with the child’s parents/guardian, local administrators and with the children themselves. Eligibility criteria for children to be included under the programme are as follows:


  1. Orphans who lost their parents as a result of HIV/AIDS or other diseases,

  2. Children of parents who are economically destitute, physically disabled, etc., with no opportunity of support from other organisations’ sponsorship programmes and aged between 3 and 18 years old.


The detailed modus operandi of the child sponsorship scheme is described in the FIDA manual Guidelines for Sponsorship Programme dated January 2008.

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