The Friendship for Integrated Development Association (FIDA) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Read our brochure produced for the opening of the Abbay Kindergarten Kolfe-Keraniyo.


FIDA is registered and certified under Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice Charities and Societies Agency as a non-religious and non-political humanitarian and development organization.


It was established in July, 2005 by a group of friends from Ireland and Addis who had been working in Ethiopia.


FIDA was established with a view to serve the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalized segment of the population; particularly children, adolescents and women.


FIDA has signed an operational agreement with the Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission (DPPC).


Currently, FIDA is working in Addis Ababa City Administration at Kolfe-Keranio sub-city and in Oromiya Regional State West Arissi Zone Adaba Worda/District.


FIDA  NI – Friendship for Integrated Development Association for Northern Ireland is a registered charity (XT201049) in Northern Ireland/UK and we are currently applying for registration in the Republic of Ireland (ROI).


The population of Ethiopia is currently estimated at over 82.95 million and in Addis Ababa estimated to be more than 2,863,000 (2009)[1]. Different studies have revealed that more than 50% of the population lives under the absolute poverty line. 43.2 % of the population are aged 0-14 years (2010)[1] with 39% of the population having an income of less than $1 (PPP) per day.[1]


[1] http://data.un.org

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