The mission of FIDA is to support destitute women, and vulnerable adolescents and children in an effort to improve their livelihood and to enable them to be self-supporting and have greater control over their lives through the promotion of participatory and sustainable development programmes.


Child Sponsorship

What is the FIDA child sponsorship programme?

The basic idea behind the child sponsorship programme is to provide financial support directly to the family of a child, such that they can support his/her education. This support replaces the need for that child to either earn or beg an added income for the family.

FIDA is based within the community that this programme operates, and can guarantee that those worst off are first in line to receive this vital aid.

Sponsoring a child will ensure the provision of:

  • A home to live in.
  • Medical care when sick.
  • School materials such as books and a uniform.
  • Clothing and shoes.
  • Blankets and bed sheets.

After experiencing the loss of both parents, FIDA believes that it is best to keep a child in familiar surroundings, amongst family and friends who otherwise could not afford their upkeep. Your generous donation will enable us to do that.


What information will I receive about the child I sponsor?


FIDA will provide the sponsor with


  • a photo of their beneficiary, and
  • update them on his/her progress over the course of the sponsorship.


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