Construction of Kindergarten

Since its establishment in 2005, FIDA provided pre-school teaching at a temporary school premises on a site adjacent to the Kolfe-Keraniyo sub city, Kebele 10/11 administrative headquarters.

Previous School 2005Previous School 2005

In November 2011, FIDA inaugurated the Abbay Kindergarten, a purpose built school comprising four classrooms, boys and girls toilets, a staff room and administration/stores quarters.

FIDA KG school Kolife Kraniyo Addis AbabaFIDA KG school Kolife Kraniyo Addis Ababa

Also, in 2011 FIDA built a kindergarten at  town through a combination of donor contributions and local fund-raising.

Menegasha School 2011Menegasha School 2011

The school is built of corrugated iron sheeting and has been built using labour that was provided by the local community on an unpaid basis. The school was opened in September 2011 and is governed by a parents-management board supported by the local community with a school staff comprising 1 director, 4 teachers, 1 nanny, 2 security guards and 1 cleaner.

Menegasha School 2011Menegasha School 2011


FIDA plans to build a permanent building to replace the temporary structure of the Kollobboo Kindergarten in the coming years.

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